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We accompany you through the 10 main steps:

1. Patrimonial and banking balance sheet

2. Choice of legal and tax arrangement

3. Real estate hunting

4. Study of the technical condition and the rental situation

5. Negotiations and proposal writing

6. Visits

7. Writing the compromise

8. Financing Research

9. Signature of the authentic instrument

10. Connection for possible works and management


Our core business is the most time-consuming phase: find, analyze, negotiate and visit buildings (steps 3 to 7). But obtaining financing and consulting specialists (tax lawyers, notaries, accountants, bailiffs, craftsmen, etc.) are essential, and we bring you our network.


Our fees range from 5% to 8% of the buildings'price, 100% to the success and paid for the signing of the deed.

Our mandates are therefore exclusive.

We are independent, T card holders and hold CPR insurance.

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